Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

Short and sweet story this month from a HeartSync session. Working with a woman dealing with a deep seated over-responsibility for the well-being of a family member, we reached a deep part of her heart that had taken on that role. That part was protective, guarding, and very task oriented. She let Jesus come close and they began to talk. And suddenly the woman burst out laughing … that guardian part had said to Jesus, “People often tell me I am late getting there.” And He immediately answered, “People tell me that a lot, too.”

With that, Jesus became that part’s new best friend! Humor … and connection. And help and release from that over the top responsibility.

God is good … and He’s fun!

Thank you for praying with us this past month. We appreciate you so much! Community Bible Study has continued to go well for Beth; HeartSync mentoring is doing well; the leadership retreat I lead for Edgewater Church was outstanding. Your prayers help!

This month, please pray for …

… the close of the Community Bible Study year. Beth’s team wraps up it’s class year the last Wednesday of April. She and I will take a week away for study the last few days of April and first few days of May. Pray for downloads and good preparation for the coming months.

… there is one of my counselees who is in an incredibly tough spiritual fight … I can’t really share much, but her safety is in question. Please pray for her!

… Beth, Jen and I are going with a few others of our church to Romania in July, and we are trusting God to supply the funds. The total need is $6,600 for the three of us. Pray for the provision!

… the HeartSync mentoring first round here in Brentwood is ending this month, and in early June for Redding. Please pray for wisdom for the next steps. These are all great people who are growing individually and in their ability to help others! We want to see them growing and maturing in their ability to help!

… AJ and Ashley are in deep need of prayer for breakthrough. Please keep them in mind … we’ll let you know more when we can.

Thank you, and bless you! We’re praying you have fun with our great (and always just in time) God!

Bill Irwin
Oak Tree Ministries
410 Beatrice Ct., Ste. A
Brentwood, CA 94513


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