Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

I apologize for this prayer update being so late! After our HeartSync Conference ended a little over a week ago we were pretty exhausted … and then we headed to Pasadena with our church leadership for a conference with Harvest International Ministries, and I forgot to bring our laptop … all the contacts for this newsletter are on our home based computers … so this is late …

The HeartSync Conference was absolutely incredible. God met and ministered to over 130 people throughout the week as Father Andrew Miller taught and demonstrated (along with Ron Paulson and Deb Spencley from House of Hope Healing Center.) There were so, so many things to share! I’m going to snip out a portion of an email I received toward the end of the week.

“I want to thank you and the work of your intercessors, and the all of the volunteers in regard to this HeartSync training.
I have attended many Christian trainings and conferences over the years, but this one has been very different. I have never felt the presence of the Holy Spirit so easily and readily as I have in this training.
From the time that I opened my binder and found the scripture, to the first songs that played over us in worship, the Holy Spirit’s presence has been profound and revelatory.

The scripture referenced Psalm 139:14: “You, yes you, are fearfullly and wonderfully made.” No one on earth … would have known that scripture’s powerful proclamation to me. You see, in my HeartSync session, a question was revealed that was buried deeply in my emotional part … Jesus so kindly and graciously explained to me that I was “fearfully and wonderfully made” by him. Clearly, Jesus wanted me to be reminded of this truth by your intercessor. He also wanted to remind me of the power of intercession and discernment.”

The scripture quoted was from a bookmark our team had prayed over and asked God to give specific words without knowing who it was going to. One of the team had written out a specific scripture verse, trusting the Lord to get it to the right person … and God met this one who wrote to me powerfully.

We heard many, many testimonies just like that … all them leading to more whole hearts and a deeper relationship with God and with self.

Our God is just like that!!!!

THANK YOU for your prayers this past month. They have been felt and needed.

As you pray for us this month, please pray for the following …

… we have sensed this conference is to be a key in the Kingdom of God for California (we had folks from all over the state here.) Pray with us as we and House of Hope do follow-up training and mentoring. Pray for Bakersfield, Fresno, the Sierra Foothills, Sacramento and Redding as ministries in these areas catch hold of HeartSync. Pray for us locally, and pray for the groups throughout the South Bay area who are already working with HeartSync.

… pray for Beth and me to catch up physically. The timing of the two conferences back-to-back was not as easy as it might have been a few years ago!

… pray for me to have wisdom with my schedule … ministering in HeartSync and counseling, mentoring in this area, leading Healing Rooms, teaching as needed.

… pray for Beth as Community Bible Study training for leaders hits full stride this month, preparing to open the next class year on Sept. 5.

… The Delta Healing Rooms turned 10 last week! 10 years of God performing miracles and meeting needs and hearts! Keep praying with us for MORE!

We are so very grateful for each of you, and your love, support, encouragement and prayers.

Bill Irwin

Oak Tree Ministries

410 Beatrice Ct., Ste A

Brentwood, CA 94513



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