Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

A few weeks ago I had the fun and joy of doing a HeartSync session that turned into so, so much more!

The man I worked with came in all bundled up (and it was cold and foggy outside), enough so that I remarked on it. He told me he had severe anemia and always was cold. He’d had health challenges for awhile, and we talked some about those … advancing kidney failure that had him on daily home dialysis was at the top of the list. And we talked about why he came in for a HeartSync … and he didn’t know.

But there was a hole somewhere in his heart. He felt it.

We began ministry, and Jesus sat close with him, tending to his heart, beginning to go toward the hole. Then he stopped and looked up and asked if he could tell me something.

“My kidneys always hurt. Sometimes it’s sharp, sometimes not so sharp, but they always hurt. And they just stopped hurting. It was so peaceful! They just stopped hurting!”

We sat with that for a few minutes, just thanking Jesus for what He was doing … and then he began shifting around in his chair, and finally stood up and pulled off his coat … “I’m too warm … I’m actually hot. This never happens!!” And again he was overwhelmed with peace.

We went through more ministry, Jesus very quickly and thoroughly filling in places in his heart that had never been filled (mom had been overwhelmed with all the children in the house; dad was there, but usually drunk and asleep.) Most of the places this man had never even known were empty … just that there was a feeling of emptiness. And now, peace.

One more time he spoke up … now about the peace. “It’s been so long since I’ve had any peace, and I’ve never had this much in my life.” We sat with that for awhile, just soaking it in. The smile was incredible!

What I’m describing lasted well over an hour … all peaceful! And when he left, pain-free and full of peace, he walked out the outside door into the fog with no coat on … but the warmth of the presence of God.

We have so many opportunities to see Jesus at work! Thank you for your part in praying with us and for us!

So many have reached out to us over the last month with assurances of prayer as we’ve worked with AJ and the grandkids … thank you. This has been an unexpected season, pretty bumpy at times, but also filled with grace moments. Ashley left Redding and moved to the Bay Area on the 4th, leaving AJ and the kids there. Beth and Jen and I spent days at the beginning of the month at AJ’s cleaning and going through box after box that had been stuffed aside.

Beth has mostly stayed up in Redding and her Community Bible Study team has picked up several extra weeks of ministry for her. I have been back every Friday through Sunday until this one, and have been keeping my normal work schedule here in Brentwood during the week. Jen spent the first week and a half up there and then has been back again another weekend. It looks like there is some routine for the family there finally in place.

And there have been the spiritual needs and the hurting hearts needing lots of love and attention.

Like I said, bumpy but places of great grace. We’re happy to share more if you have any questions.

As you pray for us, please simply pray this month for wisdom and strength at each turn. This is a season and we very much know that. And we’re listening moment by moment and day by day for the Lord’s direction.

Two more specific items …

… Jen is looking for the Lord’s direction for work. Pray with her for that!

… and in the midst of all that has been going on, AJ has had the Lord rekindle a passion for missions. He is going with a group from Bethel Church to Romania this July, actually to The Mission is Sighisoara where Beth, Jen, and I spent part of our trip this past summer. He is needing to raise funds. Here is a link to his information and fundraising page if you are interested in helping … and please pray with him!!/#/13191/bethel-go–romania/participants/142400/donate

We do appreciate and love you all! Thank you for your prayers, love, encouragement and support. God bless you with his peace … and so full of His love that you don’t need a coat in the cold!

Bill Irwin
Oak Tree Ministries
410 Beatrice Ct., Ste. A
Brentwood, CA 94513


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