Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –
I want to share a quick HeartSync story with you … quick because ministry only lasted maybe 10 minutes.  
A friend approached me on the prayer line at church several weeks ago, explaining a life situation as a little boy that had left him abandoned and alone as a 5 year old.  Dad wasn’t in the picture, and Mom was so addicted she couldn’t manage life.  He was taken from her and ultimately sent to a boy’s home half-way across the country.  And he stopped feeling, and he every day dealt with thoughts about how his mom rejected and abandoned him.  This is a man who has given his life to serving God … he runs a great ministry a few hours from us. He’s gotten ministry for the issues in several places and ways, but nothing touched it.  Until the prayer line at church …
That little boy part left him in that whole mess of a life at age 5.  As an adult he knew what to do and by force of character has lived his life serving Jesus well.  But with no pain there has also been no joy or love or peace.  As we prayed, Jesus led us to that little boy, and invited him to come back.  Jesus made rejection go.  Anger, abandonment, bitterness too.  And Jesus pulled all the pain out.  All. Of. It.  And then Jesus brought that young part back to my friend’s heart and brought him back together.  He felt it and saw it as it happened.  And he felt a huge release and relief inside.  He began feeling again.
 A few weeks later in the midst of ministry, God took him for the first time in over 50 years back to that same town where he grew up, back to the same neighborhood, back to the same beach where he played.  And God finished the process.  In a moment, all the joy he lost, all the peace and love too, came flooding in.  He shared with us at church the following week about all God had done.  It was glorious.
And tonight … just a few hours ago … he told me, “I never even think about it any more.”  The daily torment is gone.  The emotions so long gone come easily.
How would that be for you to have something that has been a torment for years be gone?  And how would it be to have something that has been missing be a normal part of your life again?  That’s what our God does, what Jesus does when He fulfills His promises in Isaiah 61:1 to “bind up the brokenhearted and free the captives.”  HeartSync helped us get to the place where Jesus could do that.
There’s always more stories … like the Delta Healing Rooms team member who got a picture of one of the clients doing “The Twist”!  God totally met the client when that was shared.  The client had just bought “The Twister” exercise device and had been using it right before she came in.  She knew God was watching over her and paying attention to the things going on in her life!  That’s such good news for any of us!!
Thank you for your prayers for us.  They are felt!
As you pray this month, please especially pray for the HeartSync Training coming up July 23-27.  Currently there are just over 100 people signed up.  We have been understanding as we have been praying that this is a crucial Kingdom time.  God is preparing teams around Northern California to help bring healing and freedom for the Brokenhearted.  And there are several coming from other places … Portland … Denver … Oklahoma … New York.  We’re taking registrations for a few more weeks, and we’re looking forward with great anticipation to all God has in store!
For other prayer needs, please just pray for us as we move into the training this month.  Pray for health and for rest.  Pray for family times that are coming up (AJ and Ashley celebrate their 10th anniversary this month!)  Pray for more of God’s heart in us.  Pray for those we minister with and those we minister to.
We do pray for you, too.  We are so grateful for you all!  God bless you!
Bill Irwin
Oak Tree Ministries