Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

Three quick stories to share this month …

… from a HeartSync, my young friend told me during a follow-up, “I never knew how much chatter there was in my head until it was so quiet when we finished. I woke up the next morning and there was nothing but me and Jesus.” I’ve talked with him a few times since, and it’s still the same! Awesome what God can do!!

… and from The Delta Healing Rooms, we had a younger man who has come in a few times this past month. His first visit, God healed pain in several parts of his body from injuries he’d suffered over the years. And the second visit, he came back for other pain issues, and he told our ministry team, “It all disappeared when I walked through the door.” No prayer … no ministry performed … just being in the room with God’s presence. He left pretty excited!! Again, so awesome what God can do!

… finally, from HeartSync mentoring, we ran two small practicum groups on successive Saturdays. I watched every participant take what they have been learning over the last several months and do really good ministry. In the second week, each session led to he ones receiving getting to areas of their hearts that never had been open before. Each person! I love it. God is raising up an army equipped to take back territory in lives that the enemy has long held.

We so much love watching God at work. Thank you for standing with us, praying for us and supporting us.

As you pray for us this month, a couple of things especially come up …

… several have asked about our requests over the last few months for our son, AJ and his wife, Ashley. She served him with divorce papers this past month, as many guessed. Her words to us are “I’m unhappy.” Help from us and many other sources has been offered and refused for years. Please pray with us as this plays out … especially for the hearts of the four grandkids (Savanah, Aiden, Sophia, Charlotte), the living situation going forward, and all the decisions being made by AJ, Ashley and the courts. And pray for our wisdom about how to proceed on our end. And sweet with the bitter here … Beth and Jen and I were able to be with the family this past weekend. Jen had the opportunity to lead Savanah and Aiden to Christ during the weekend! We’re so thankful!

… Beth, Jen and I are leaving with a small group from our church to Romania July 13-23 to minister there (and we’re taking two days to visit Athens and a night in London after … getting home on the 26th.) The plan is to search out further ministry connections there in Oradea and Sighisoara for Freedom House, and do street ministry and with orphans. And we have a strong sense that we’ll be ministering to leaders in the body of Christ there. Please pray for the following:

– flight connections (a few are very tight)

– health before, during and after the trip

– ministry to other team members

– Holy Spirit led openings and wisdom in every situation

… pray with us for finances also … the trip itself is paid for, but I will not be working here! We’re trusting for extra provision for the weeks we’re gone.

Thank you for your prayers … keep it up! We love you!

Bill Irwin
Oak Tree Ministries
410 Beatrice Ct., Ste. A
Brentwood, CA 94513


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