Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

February has been full! And many outstanding things the Lord has done!

One was with a young woman who has come in recently for a HeartSync and then follow up … she’s wise beyond her years … and she grew up in an incredibly spiritually abusive and manipulative home. There was a part of her heart that had gone full-on into guardian mode in her teens. She knew it. Everyone around her knew it. People at her church called her rebellious, disobedient, troubled.

When we engaged with that part of her heart, Jesus stepped in and said simply “Thank you.” And she melted there in my office. She had a clear sense of what was wrong around her in her home and in her church and youth group … she just didn’t know what to do with the anger at the unfairness in her home, with the abuse and manipulation. She didn’t know what to do with people who were supposed to love her at church who called her names instead of finding out what was going on.

And Jesus told her that He was angry too … angry at the injustice. Angry that His name had been used to hurt her and not love her. Angry that His word had been twisted and used as a weapon and not as a help and guide. Angry that no one had listened to her.

He sat with her, listened, and took her pain out. And she joined the rest of this young woman’s heart. Again, she knew it. She told me simply “I feel whole.”

We’ve seen so many things this past month … Jen and I traveled to Montana for teaching and ministry and saw God do great things in hearts there (such an outstanding trip!) … the Delta Healing Rooms saw two people come in one night with migraines and leave with no pain at all (easier than the Emergency Room!!) … and there have been a number of breakthroughs for people in the office. Thank you for praying with us!

Especially thank you as we continue to help AJ and the grandkids in Redding. Beth has continued to be up there the majority of the time … we are seeing things steady out, but anticipate another few months of one of us needing to be up there … and we’re working out what that looks like. I’ve been up most weekends, and Jen has been up some, too. Please continue to pray with us for that whole situation.

Please pray also for …

… Jen as the Lord leads her to the next work assignment He has for her. She has been looking and putting in some applications.

… Beth for physical strength and stamina as she is the one mostly on duty with grandkids in Redding. And for her Community Bible Study team as they fill in for her here when she can’t be present.

… counseling and HeartSync needs in my office. The needs that come in are always deep. I am amazed at our God and His goodness to people … and people are always amazed at the depth of things we handle in our ministry. God’s grace is powerful!

… AJ as he continues to prepare for his mission trip to Romania in July. Thank you to those who donated last month! If you are interested in finding out about his trip or helping with prayers or funding, you can click this link …!/#/13191/bethel-go–romania/participants/142400/donate

We appreciate and love you! Thank you for your prayers for us … they are making a difference for the Kingdom of God!

Bill Irwin
Oak Tree Ministries
410 Beatrice Ct., Ste. A
Brentwood, CA 94513


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