Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

She heard powerful words while Jesus held onto her broken heart.  We’ve worked together for awhile now … Severe abuse (some of the worst I’ve ever heard), unanswered questions about parents, incredibly deep fracturing from her earliest days, stories passed down through the family of her being totally neglected as an infant, attempts to kill her in the womb and after.  It’s been hard.  The fracturing began early, even back in the womb, and it’s been deep.

But there Jesus was, gathering the young parts of her broken heart together, holing her close.  No one had really held her as a baby, or later.  A crib, a swing, a bottle … those were her life.  She’d cry and no one came.  After awhile she stopped … it’s no use when nobody comes.

Holding her now, He said, “I run to you when I hear you cry.”  And there He was … Scene after scene … comforting, holding, weeping with her, taking her pain into His wounds.  And pulling some of those broken pieces of her heart together.

I love Jesus!  I love that we get to be part of all He does to heal broken lives!

Jen just got back from her ministry trip to Kenya last night.  Most of the way home from the airport she shared about her experience with a 23 year old woman in Nairobi, Clare, and the orphanage she runs in one of the worst slums in the world. Clare herself was on the street as an orphan somewhere around age 9.  She met Jesus a few years ago, and her life has been turning around … and she’s been determined to save others from that same life … she asked God for 20 souls.  Some she finds on the streets, some the police bring to her, some she finds discarded in the local dump. She has a 2-room apartment … and 53 children.  Jen got to minister directly to her, doing inner healing and deliverance.  So much changed for Clare through that!  And she got to work with the the teens in the home the next day, teaching them how to invite Jesus in to do that same kind of healing.  One of our favorite pictures is of little Prince … Clare found him in the dump, wrapped in a plastic bag, just a day old.  He’s a happy, beautiful 1 year old now.  And that place, and Clare, shine with the light of God’s Kingdom in an incredibly difficult place!

I love Jesus!

There’s been more (there always is in Jesus’ Kingdom!) Thank you for praying with us this past month and for sharing in this work with us!  These stories are part of yours, too.

Prayer items for this month …

… Beth has finished up the class year for Community Bible Study, gone with her main leaders for next year back to training in Colorado Springs, and is already in full swing training new ministry leaders for next year.  Pray for all the team to come together (some new ones are still needed), for Beth’s study ahead of time, and for her to get some much needed rest!

… Pray for Jen as she walks through the doors in God’s Kingdom that He has been opening for her.  We know more is coming!

… Pray for me as I continue to work with folks like the first one I told you about.  There are several with badly broken hearts and lives … But Jesus is running to their cries!

… Pray for the HeartSync training with are hosting with Andrew Miller, July 23-27.  This is the main tool we’ve used to heal hearts … And we are so blessed to host this training. If you want more information, it’s all on our website (at the address below.)

I love Jesus!  I love that He runs to our cries!  I love that He builds His Kingdom and buys back broken lives all around our world … and we get to be part of that!  May He hear the deepest cries of your heart and come running to you! 

Bill Irwin
Oak Tree Ministries 
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