Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

There have been soooo many good things, God things, happen this past month it’s been hard to choose one to share.  Among all the stories from HeartSync to Healing Rooms, there’s been a common theme each week … as we’ve prayed for emotional and spiritual issues and seen people released by God’s power, there has also been physical healing take place for them.  Often they haven’t even mentioned the physical needs.

One woman came in for ministry at the Healing Rooms for several things that weighed on her heart … she had a list.  The team ministered to her, she worked through the issues with the Lord’s power and felt release and peace.  Then she told the team that she had been dealing with plantar fasciitis for months and had been in a good deal of pain when she had come in, but it was all gone.  Another came in for prayer for family issues and in that process God healed her worries, and her back and hips and knees.  She came up to me after ministry telling me, “God healed me!  God healed me!”  He’s so good!

One other story … there’s a man who has come into our rooms maybe 8-10 times over the last several months asking for prayer for a broken marriage.  His wife had come in separately a few times.  A few weeks ago, they came in together and requested prayer together.  Our team prayed over their forms, not knowing who they were or what they were wanting … just listening to the Holy Spirit.  One felt compelled to draw two hands joined together in a heart, with Jesus’ blood covering that heart and those hands (she even had colored pens to give the right colors!)  When the couple came over to receive ministry, they told her they had come back together earlier that week, and wanted prayer for their marriage … and our team member gave them her drawing.  Their marriage is precious to God, and He showed them that!  

Thank you for praying with us this past month.  Beth and the team of women she travelled with to Washington, D.C. early in October for Rise Up! had an amazing trip.  Estimates are that 500,000 gathered on the National Mall in the rain on October 9 to pray and intercede for our nation and the salvation of the younger generations.  Beth came away very moved (all the women on the team did) and sensing that there have been strong shifts in the heavens over America.

Please continue to pray with us.  

… I am working with a handful of ministry leaders to help bring healing to broken hearts  … some of it is mentoring, much is ministry for these dear people.  In the last few months we literally have had people seeking out ministry from around the country and some that are coming in while they are here from other places in the world.  God told us as we started Oak Tree Ministries that a major focus is for us to help front-lines workers for the Kingdom stay healthy and whole in their work.  It’s a privilege!  Please pray for these people.

… Pray for the deep needs that come in for help in my office.  The depths of evil in the world is astounding, and the things people have walked through at times leaves me stunned.  Jesus’ victory at the Cross and the Empty Tomb includes those deep, broken places … and it’s a privilege to help these precious people meet with Him and watch Him heal their broken and wounded hearts.  Please keep praying!

… Please keep praying for Beth and Community Bible Study … I heard a week or so ago as she was sharing with someone that they have over 300 women and children enrolled as part of the study this year.  Pray for the Lord to work in each heart!

… And thank you for praying for Jennifer, for A.J. and Ashley and for the grandkids.  God is working in each one!

We love you, and we are so thankful for each of you.  We’re praying for you, too.
Bill Irwin
Oak Tree Ministries 
410 Beatrice Ct., Ste. A
Brentwood, CA  94513

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