Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

Three men, three days, three HeartSyncs. A Warrior. A Worker. A Wanderer.

The Warrior … over 10 years in and out of battlefield, seeing and doing things no one should ever have to see or do … and that after growing up in a battlefield of a home. Fear. Destruction.

The Worker … pain, pain, pain … physical, emotional … some from work, some from his home, and a lot from growing up in an incredibly abusive home. Anger. Hatred.

The Wanderer … thrown away by family, friends, school, work, shuffled from place to place … openly using drugs and alcohol both starting at age 8, and no one around him cared. They just … well … just let him go. Isolation, loneliness, desperation.

For each, medical treatments that never worked … for each a growing hopelessness.

And for each, Jesus stepped into deep places parts of their hearts had grown weary protecting. Jesus took their pain into Himself, and to the Cross and the grave, and left it there in victory. He came alongside the deep parts of the heart that had worked so hard to try to keep them safe and began doing the protecting for them. The Warrior sat in complete peace and quiet. The Worker sat in love and acceptance … he described “something inside of me just deflated.” The Wanderer sat. He. Sat. At peace. No more pain driving him at a hard run. He told me “It’s quiet inside.”

For all … hope … love … peace … joy … wholeness.

God is so, so good!

Thank you for praying with us and for us! The Delta Healing Rooms, ministry in the office, Beth’s teaching at Community Bible Study, HeartSync mentoring, family … life is full and we so much appreciate the prayers.

As you pray this month, please remember the following …

… Healing Rooms training is next Saturday. Please pray for the Lord’s Kingdom to advance through those that come!

… schedule has been heavy ever since we returned from vacation (and thank you for praying for us there!) Pray with us for wisdom at each step.

… for family, pray for AJ and the grandkids as the divorce finalizes this month. They all are navigating territory God never planned, yet He’s there with them. Pray especially for the kids right now.

… pray for Jen as she presses into God’s heart for His direction for her. She’s wrapping up a personal retreat this week and then headed to a leadership conference next week.

… and personally for Beth and me, pray as we navigate all that’s happening with our family. We’re seeking God’s best for our involvement with the grandkids, our adult kids, for ministry.

Thank you all for loving us and praying with us! We love you, too!!

Bill Irwin

Oak Tree Ministries

410 Beatrice Ct., Ste. A

Brentwood, CA. 94513

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