Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

Sometimes healings unfold over time.

At The Delta Healing Rooms, we’ve had a young lady come in a handful of times over the last few years. She was still in grade school when she first came in … her back was hurting. That was the beginning of a battle with scoliosis. Each time she came in with one of her parents it seemed to have gotten worse, not better. She tried hard to believe that God was going to touch her. And she tried hard to remember that He loves her. But she grew discouraged. Her doctor had her in a brace 23 hours a day, and told her and her parents that the next step would be surgery.

Right before the Rooms had to shut down for in-person ministry due to the pandemic, she came in again. A couple of our men prayed with her. As before, there wasn’t a noticeable change. But … God.

God prompted one of the team members to tell her that he saw her being healed over the next few months, bit by bit. And then we lost touch.

Her family reached out and mom met with Beth last month … there was a lot of catching up to do! And then mom shared about her daughter. The last appointment, a week or so before, this young lady’s doctor help up two sets of x-rays … the before and after. Before, well, you know that. The after? No sign of scoliosis. None. All the curvature and twisting gone. No damage. A healthy and perfectly aligned spine.

The doctor told her, “I’ve never seen anything like this. If I had not been treating you all this time I wouldn’t believe that you had scoliosis. This is nothing short of a miracle.” In the middle of a confusing, uncertain time in our culture, God met her and healed her, bone by bone, joint by joint, bit by bit. We’re blessed!

We got that testimony a week or so before we reopened the Rooms for in-person ministry. What a great way to start up again. We’re distancing and taking precautions, but we’re open. And we’re crying out, “Do it again, God!”

As you pray with us this month …

… The Delta Healing Rooms are open on Thursday nights again. We’re practicing appropriate safety measures, but God is in the house and He’s not distant! Come on down and see us, and please remember to pray for our team.

… Please continue to pray for our son, AJ and his ex-wife Ashley as they work out custody and visitation issues. There were three separate hearings in the courts last month with no resolution. They will meet outside of court again before things go to a trial. They both have indicated they want to resolve things before a trial begins. We’re praying and trusting for God’s best for the children; this has been incredibly hard on them … If you have questions or insights please feel free to write.

… AJ also needs a breakthrough with finances. The refinancing process has gone on months longer than it should and he’s hd to move on to another option. He has been waiting now for a few weeks for a signature on an appraisal to release funds for him to finish his financial obligations with the divorce. Please pray that gets done!

… My counseling and HeartSync load has returned to pre-shutdown levels. Most all is online at this point. Please pray with me for wisdom and grace in meeting needs. I’m having to refer many requests at this point to other counselors. And again, many of those on my schedule have very complex trauma and damage in their lives. Please pray for each of these dear people!

… Pray for Beth as she is ministering to the children while they’re in Redding. I’ve been up there every weekend in October, also. We’re thankful to be able to step in and help.

… Jen is working part-time right now, and is incubating some business ideas. There have been a few folks who have been very excited to hear some of her ideas, and they are working to help her prepare and launch. Please pray with her for God’s perfect direction!

We appreciate you all. Your prayers, support, and love mean so much! May God meet you powerfully this month!

Bill Irwin
Oak Tree Ministries
2833 Hawthorn Ct.
Brentwood, CA 94513


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