Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

Week after week, so many good, Kingdom of God things happen!

Healings in the Delta Healing Rooms … two weeks ago a couple came in … he was hobbling … she was using crutches.  They walked out with both of them significantly better.  I saw them three mornings later, and he walked straight and tall, and so did she!  No crutches!

Healed hearts through HeartSync … A young woman I worked with early in the month told me, “This changed my life; I had no idea my heart was in so many pieces” … A leader from a different area has come in off and on for a few months, and we have had a few sessions together.  He’s tended his heart well over the years, but he came to me to find help.  “I know something’s wrong.”  As we’ve worked together, God has put pieces of his heart together he never knew were broken … just “something’s wrong.”  One of the sessions included a time of Jesus taking him to meet with Father God (based on Hebrews 10:19-22).  What he saw at first was God enthroned … majestic, mighty, huge … and very distant.  They drew closer.  And then the Father stepped down.  He told me again this week through tears, “I don’t have a box to put it in that God would step down off His throne and come and pick me up and embrace me and just hold me.”  

And there was the young man brought in by a friend for HeartSync early in the month … It turned out he really had no personal relationship with God.  When I asked him about that at the beginning of our time together he began telling me how he was sure that anyone who was good and followed any religious system would be fine in the end.  The Lord told me to minister to him as I usually do, and within moments he was experiencing Jesus encountering and healing broken places in his heart and life.  Through tears he told me he never had experienced that kind of connection and love with anyone else.  He left knowing that Jesus had given His life for him, so he could be in relationship with God forever.  Powerful!

As always, there are more and more stories!  God … Is … Good!

Thank you for praying with and for us this month!

… Jen had an outstanding ministry trip to Medellin, Colombia late in the month, and still is processing all God did there.  A quick example … the first night they were there (a team of 4), there were 31 people in the service who received some measure of healing!  Jen got to love on orphans, children of prostitutes, church people, business people, church leaders.  And miracles flowed.  If you see her, ask her! 

… And if you’ve been praying for Jen, you know she has dealt with her marriage breaking apart over this past year.  The divorce finalized yesterday.  Please pray with her for these coming days.  She’s doing very well, and we continue to be blessed by the amazing work God is doing in and through her!  Good days, God days, are ahead.

… Beth launched the Community Bible Study year this past month … a few difficult issues came up that she has been navigating through with her team, but the study itself is going well.  Please pray with her for everything to pull together and move ahead.  God is blessing!

… Bill will be teaching as part of the Freedom Conference (by Freedom House Church) on October 14th.  The conference aims at teaching how to obtain and maintain victorious lives, free from demonic influence … and how to help others obtain and maintain that freedom.  Bill will be teaching and ministering on the subjects of dealing with witchcraft, and operating out of the Courts of Heaven.  You can register at … and there is a flash sale until October 4th for registrations … use the code SAVE10 to get $10 off registration.  

… Please continue to pray for Healing Rooms … there has been a greatly increased anointing on the team this past month, and we are so blessed by all God does!  Pray for more!!!

… Pray for those coming in for help in counseling and HeartSync.  Again, needs are deep!  

We do love you and appreciate you so much!  May God meet your hearts in power and grace this month!
Bill Irwin
Oak Tree Ministries 
410 Beatrice Ct., Ste. A
Brentwood, CA  94513

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