Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

Ever have something in your life that just seems “stuck?” It happens! I want to share a quick story from a HeartSync session this past month.

The man in front of me had reached out at when he couldn’t figure out what else to do … he was struggling with incidents of explosive anger. Listening to his story brought tears to my eyes. He’d dealt with a life that started in a huge hole … incredibly dysfunctional family, drugs and alcohol starting in early elementary years, never finished school, almost died with a drug reaction in his early 20’s, met Jesus and has been “white-knuckling” it since. The last 15 years he’s worked hard with Jesus to have his life turned around. And it mostly has … except for that anger thing.

Part of what brought tears to my eyes was a realization that with all the tough things in the beginning, this was a man with high character and a good heart. Character can carry us a long way, but not when the heart is broken on the inside. The anger worked to push pain away.

As we worked with Jesus, he felt something in him open up that he had closed long ago, even before he could take any steps as a toddler. Jesus walked in and took the pain, and brought that place in his heart into the same room with all the rest of him … he told me over and over how peaceful he was, how joyful he was as we finished up. And then the next morning …

“My mind flooded this morning with this thought, ‘You have received power from on high.’ What an empowering session yesterday! Thank you so much, Bill! The Lord bless you.”

I am so glad to be part with all of you in the wonderful healing work Jesus does! It’s hearts. It’s bodies. It’s lives. Thank you for praying with us!

As you pray this month, please remember the following …

… Beth and I are actually on a vacation to Hawaii celebrating our 45th anniversary. (Yes, I married a child bride …) Pray for much needed rest and refreshment!

… We have a great Healing Rooms team! Please pray for them, too …

… and we’ll be holding a training for Healing Rooms on Saturday, November 9th … you can check our website for information and registration … please pray with us, and also please let anyone know you think should be there.

… HeartSync mentoring for us is starting back up late in October. We appreciate your prayers there, too.

… pray for Jen as she seeks the Lord for the next steps in her life with work and ministry.

… and please keep AJ and the grandchildren in prayer … working through the issues and emotions of the family breaking up hasn’t been an easy thing.

We appreciate and love you all! Thank you for standing with us!

Bill Irwin
Oak Tree Ministries
410 Beatrice Ct., Ste. A
Brentwood, CA 94513


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