Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

We celebrated yesterday with all of you … Jesus is alive!  He has beaten sin and death, and has made a way for us back to all God intended for us from the beginning … Life with Him, life with the Father and the Spirit, forever!  

Two stories this month … One of our friends brought her mom in for us to minister to in The Delta Healing Rooms.  She’d had surgery on her shoulder six months before to repair it, and she still was in so much pain she couldn’t move it … she had to hold her arm in front of her with no movement to keep out of pain.  Doctors had scheduled her for the next day for an MRI to determine what kind of surgery was next.  After just a few minutes of ministry she came out and rotated her arm completely level with her shoulders and had no pain.  She still couldn’t lift it higher than that, but she was overjoyed at what God had done.  And did I say “no pain”?  Yesterday (Happy Easter!!!) I got this text from a family member …. “She doesn’t have to get a surgery to repair her shoulder.  Hardware is still there, but she just has to make an appointment to take it all out.”  Thank you, Jesus!!!!

… and from the office … a teen came in for HeartSync.  She’d “always felt I wasn’t right” so much that she’d changed her given name.  There’d been lots of anger in the home when the was small, and she was full of anxiety.  And full of thoughts of death.  Not suicidal … yet … but close.  She sat in a rocking chair in my office, always moving, sometimes shifting in her seat, a foot tapping constantly, the chair rocking.  As Jesus moved into the deep parts of her heart, she met Him in a whole, new way.  That place that always felt “not right” moved toward Him, and He held onto her as He took her pain into His wounds.  Disappointment left.  Anger left. Unacceptance and rejection, too.  All the thoughts quieted.  And she was still.  Perfectly … completely … still.  Jesus told her that He loved her.  When she left, she told me that she felt incredibly light.  And mom reached me later, telling me that her daughter’s countenance had completely changed.  Again, thank you, Jesus!

There’s been a lot over the last month … thank you for praying!  Please pray for the following …

… Jen is heading to Kenya and Uganda from the 16th through the 30th.  Mark Tubbs from Harvest International Ministries was speaking at our church on March 19th, telling about a ministry trip to Kenya, and then said the Lord was telling him someone from Freedom House was supposed to be part of the team.  Jen knew instantly it was her.  God has already provided funds and she’s getting everything in order.  They’ll be ministering to churches, leaders, orphans … in large cities and in villages.  Please pray for her!

… Beth is heading to Colorado in a week with her new leadership team for training with CBS.  Pray for them!  And pray as the class year winds down and ends this month.

… the counseling load has continued to grow.  Please pray!  People are hurting.  God is good, and it’s wonderful to bring people’s pain to Him and see Him change lives … the stories above are among many!!! 

… registration for the July 23-27 HeartSync training with Andrew Miller is live!  You can check it out at our website …   We’re excited to have House of Hope Healing Center in Sunnyvale join with us for this training.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.  

… and pray for AJ and Ashley and the grandkids.  Little Charlotte (19 months old) had to be airlifted from Redding to UC Davis Medical Center a few weeks ago with what turned out to be Toxic Shock Syndrome (scratched chicken pox led to a staph infection that got into her bloodstream.)  Things turned around quickly, but it’s left them with a hefty bill from the air ambulance.  Please pray for them and for resources.  God has been more than gracious so far!

It’s so, so good to see God’s Kingdom on the move!  Thank you for praying for us … and please know we pray for you, too.  God bless you richly and wonderfully!

Bill Irwin
Oak Tree Ministries 
410 Beatrice Ct., Ste. A
Brentwood, CA  94513