Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

A couple made an hours-long drive to meet with me the Monday before Thanksgiving. They’re missionaries, in off the field from the Middle-East.  And they needed help.

We talked together for several minutes, and I explained the HeartSync ministry to them. They decided she’d go first and he stepped out.  Her session was glorious!  There’s so much to tell … but I want to tell about him.  I’m going to call him “John” for the sake of the story (and that’s not his real name.)

John’s story included an instance when he was 7 … waking up to a babysitter doing sexual things to him, and of course at that age he didn’t know what to make of it.  A few years later an older boy molested him.  As a very young teen a neighbor man did the same.  

The reason the sitter was there at age seven was because John’s parents were meeting to agree on terms of their divorce.  When he was 9 his mom re-married. John’s step-dad was a very successful builder and they moved into a really, really nice house and had lots of financial benefits.  And his step-dad was active in church, a leader.  And in a few months the step-dad began to show great anger and violence.  The family looked great on the outside, but this boy, John … he was in this confused world … he loved God, he did well in school and was active at church, and he felt dead inside.

John and his wife met at a Bible college, and there was a rapid connection and growing love … they married right after graduation.  And the problems between them began that first year.  He told me as they first were talking with me that “My acting out traumatized her.”  Lots of hard work, prayer and deliverance brought them through, ultimately to their mission field, and then back off and in to see me.

So much happened as Jesus came and connected with that core guardian part that worked to keep John safe.  After he was strengthened and some healing happened there, he said simply, “I miss him … I miss little Johnny.”  As the Spirit prompted me, I asked him to describe him.  “He’s so alive! Joyful.  Innocent.  Smart.  He’s magical!”

We asked Jesus to go find little Johnny … after all, He came to set captives free and release prisoners from their darkness (Isaiah 61:1).  

John doubled over and began to weep … deep sobs came out for a few minutes … and then laughter, joy-filled laughter.  

Jesus had walked with him into a very dark place, and opened a door.  And on the other side of the door was something that looked like a school play yard covered with blacktop, filled with play equipment.  And there on a swing set was Johnny, alone and scared. Jesus walked with that adult guardian to that little boy, and help him off the swing. Jesus held onto Johnny, cleaned him off and told him it wasn’t his fault.  And then Jesus turned to the guardian, to John,  and brought Johnny to him … they joined hands, and then embraced … and then they were together, one and whole.

John told me after this that he’d repeatedly gone back to old sites from his childhood … houses, schools, churches … his family kept wondering what he was doing.  He told them, “I’m trying to find myself.”

He did … rather Jesus did!  Johnny is home.

Thank you for reading this longer story.  It’s such an honor to be part of God’s deep work in people’s lives … there’s a missionary couple who will be able to return to their work emotionally and spiritually whole knowing God in far more intimate and powerful ways!  Thank you for praying with us regularly so we can do these ministries. 

As you pray for us this month, please pray for the following …

… the ministry load in counseling and HeartSync has gone up considerably for the last several months.  God has grown my capacity, and I’m grateful.  For the first time ever, I have a waiting list for people to get in.  Please pray with us about appropriate next steps with this!

… pray for Beth and Community Bible Study … they continue to minister to over 300 Owen and children each week.  There have been several changes and challenges “on the fly” so far this year … pray with her as they wrap up in the next few weeks for a break over Christmas and prepare for the next few months of ministry.

… pray for The Delta Healing Rooms … I could easily have shared a number of stories from there this month.  God has been healing bodies and hearts!  Pray for increase!!!

… we’ll be taking a break from ministry for a few weeks around Christmas. Pray with us for rest and refreshing!

Christmas is about a simple truth … Jesus came to live here among us so He could bring us back to the Father and put His Spirit in us.  Like Johnny came back to John, through Jesus, we come back to God through Jesus.  He is our true home!

We’re praying for you, too!  May God bless you with wonder and joy at His goodness this Christmas season.
Bill Irwin

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