Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

As I’m writing this morning, I’m sitting at the check-in desk for The Delta Healing Rooms, watching our team work. There’s deep encounters with Jesus going on … healing, delivering encounters with Jesus. There are overwhelming tears of gratitude flowing. Arms around shoulders comforting and rejoicing. And there’s hope!

The needs this morning have been spiritual and emotional above everything else … and Jesus met them with His goodness, kindness, forgiveness, power, … and hope. The same Jesus we celebrate this month, coming to earth as the Son of God and Son of Man.

I am so blessed to be part of this team of God’s kids, submitted to Him, ministering as Jesus taught us … “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those with leprosy, drive out the demons. Freely you have received; freely give.” (Matthew 10:5 NIV)

God is so good to us!!! Quite honestly, I was going to write about something very different this morning, but watching and interceding this morning as ministry has happened has been too compelling!

Thank you for praying with us! And please continue to pray!

… Health needs … I’ve been out of the office for several days with a respiratory infection; Beth had something similar earlier in the month; and Jen is down with something like it now. Please pray for complete healing and recovery for us all.

… Rest … we’re taking some time off at the end of December, both to enjoy the Christmas season with family and friends, but to re-charge for the coming new year. It’s been a great 2018! We’re looking forward to what is coming.

… wisdom in time allotment for the new year. We’re working on schedules and plans for next year and there are multiple things that are part of the puzzle … counseling, Beth’s teaching load with CBS, mentoring and training for both Healing Rooms and HeartSync, teaching opportunities that are coming up. Please pray with is for God’s best.

… Finally, year-end finances. We are sending out a handful of letters to fund-raise right now and we’re asking God to meet financial needs for ourselves and for the ministry. For the first time we have availability take donations online on our website, as well as the traditional checks in the mail. As you’re praying for others, would you also take a moment to ask God if there’s any way He would want you to help?

We appreciate and love you all. Thank you so much for praying with and for us. We feel it!!!!

Bill Irwin
Oak Tree Ministries
410 Beatrice Ct., Ste. A
Brentwood, CA 94513


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