Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

The first night we were back at work in the Delta Healing Rooms this year we got this testimony via text from a friend who had come in with a broken foot late in 2017 … “Btw.  The podiatrist said that I either had healing of biblical proportions or I never broke my foot!!”

What a great way to start our ministry year!  As usual, there are stories … too many to tell!  Just this past weekend we did a training for Healing Rooms … 24 folks came in to be trained for the first time.  At the end of the training we put everyone to work … about a dozen needed healing, and then rest ministered alongside current team members.  Every one got healing.  Every!!  One!!!

We’re excited to see what is coming through the rest of 2018!

Thank you for continuing to pray with us!  Please keep it up!!

One calendar item to be aware of … please note July 23-27 for HeartSync Training (Basic and Intermediate) with Father Andrew Miller.  We’ll have all the registration information by the end of the month … please check our website for updates, and please begin praying for this time.  

For other prayer items …

… Beth will have a very different leadership team this coming year in Community Bible Study.  Please pray with her and for her as they finish out this class year over the next few months, and new leaders go for training.  

… Pray for me as I counsel and pray and do HeartSync with folks in my office.  I am having to schedule five and six weeks out right now, and had to take the step of writing out appointments for most of the next 6 months for the “regulars.”  The needs are very great.  I’ve been working extra hours and late hours to try to meet the needs.  I’m thankful for others that are stepping into HeartSync and picking up some of the load!

… Pray for DHR … the numbers of people coming for ministry have been very high!  We had 16 the first Saturday in January, and that’s double what we usually have on a “busy” Saturday.  A few weeks later we had 34 come in on a Thursday.  We’re thankful for new team members, and we’re praying some of those who came to the training will join in, too.  God’s power has been great!  Pray for even more!

… Jen and Beth have both been dealing with some viruses off and on over the last couple of months.  Pray for them both.  And pray for all of us for continued health.

To close … I want to challenge you all with something.  I have been growing more and more fascinated with God!  I’ve known Jesus as Savior for over 50 years now … and there’s no one like Him!  There’s no one like the Father!  There’s no one like the Spirit!  Contemplating eternity, we will be with God, with the Trinity, for ever.  And it won’t be boring.  Not at all!!!  Every day, without measure, we will be caught up in wonder and amazement!  God is that fascinating!  Join me … worship Him!  Watch Him work!  Love Him!  It won’t be boring, I promise!!!  
Bill Irwin
Oak Tree Ministries 
410 Beatrice Ct., Ste. A
Brentwood, CA  94513

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