Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

To open 2020, I want to share a couple of excerpts from a letter we received at Christmas time … There have been a lot of hours poured into this person, and a whole lot of Jesus!

“Thank you for showing us what it feels like to matter, to be protected, to be a human with worth … to be seen and believed, and challenged and fought for. To exist and to matter…
Thank you for helping us break the shackles and chains for our sons and for all the generations that follow…
What a legacy you are building, minute by minute, choice by choice. Every single day, now matter how you feel, you are ‘storming the Gates of Hell’ for Christ … and you are bringing so many with you.”

We are so honored and privileged to be part of many, many lives around us and to see them growing and maturing in Christ … This letter was among a handful we received this past month. God is good! The hours we pour into people is making a difference.

Thank you all for praying for us and loving us! We are leaning into the promises God has poured out over us for this coming year, and trusting for a tremendous season of breakthrough and growth.

As you pray this month, please pray for …

… balance with ministry and family. You’ve been praying for AJ and the grandkids in Redding, and that has been felt. Ashley is permanently leaving the area this coming Saturday, with a plan to visit the kids each week. AJ is doing pretty well, but we’re watching the kids deal with their hurts and emotions and trying to help.
I’m writing between trips there, and Beth is there as I write. We’ll be up there a lot this month. Jen will be going as needed as well. I’ve set a schedule for me that will allow all our normal ministries to go forward … Beth is taking the time she needs to balance needs there, here, and with CBS. Pray with us for hearts to be healed, order and health in the home there, and for our wisdom in each step.

… Pray for Jen as she continues to seek the Lord for next steps for her.

… And please pray for the folks we minister to. You can see some of the deep needs we address in the letter above.

God bless you! We are praying for each of you to have an incredible 2020 … filled with God’s love, peace, joy, and hope!

Bill Irwin
Oak Tree Ministries
410 Beatrice Ct., Ste. A
Brentwood, CA 94513


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