Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

The bruises on her body had healed, but not the ones on her heart.  A difficult marriage ended a few years ago.  And the new boyfriend … well it was good for a few weeks.  Then came the abuse.  The times she was afraid for her life.  The nights she startled awake to his breaking into her home.  The early morning the police kicked in her door looking for him.  

Friends and family helped her get out and helped her heal.  But not all the bruises on her heart.

We had some difficulty connecting … we’d worked together once earlier, before the divorce and the boyfriend … but she was guarded now.  The Holy Spirit kept whispering a word in my spirit, and I finally spoke it out and asked her if it meant anything to her.  “Foundations.”  And everything opened up.

She described feeling like her heart had scattered into several parts, all of them shadowy, floating around her.  One was sad.  Another discouraged.  Another almost immobile.  There were several.  We worked together for a few minutes … a big opponent was terror, and we asked Jesus to take that out by His power.  Tears flowed for a bit, and then peace settled in.  And Jesus had gathered all those floating, shadowy parts together in His arms.  As we worked together just a bit more, she saw Jesus bringing those parts back to her heart, putting them in place, completely healing them.  No more floating … no more shadows … no more bruises.  And a heart that is more whole than before!

God is so good!  And it’s such a privilege to see all He does!

Thank you again for praying with us and for us.  The year is already flying by!  Just a couple of things as you pray for us this month …

… please pray for health for the whole family.  Several have dealt with colds and flu.  We’re thankful that none of us have been out for more than a day or two.  We’d love to keep it that way!

… pray for the people I’m counseling.  Many of them carry wounds from things that have happened to them that go to the depths of the worst kinds of evil … again, God is good and He is a Healer!  Your prayers are alway appreciated.

… we are finalizing details to bring Father Andrew Miller in to teach the Basic and Intermediate courses of HeartSync on July 23-27.  We are targeting to have registration available beginning March 16.  Please pray with us for this event … those of us using HeartSync have seen such power through all Jesus does in it … we’d love to release more of this expression of God’s into our community, and into the world!

… pray with us for supply for the ministry.  We are so thankful for each gift and each opportunity to minister.  

We are so grateful for each of you.  God bless you!

Bill Irwin
Oak Tree Ministries 
410 Beatrice Ct., Ste. A
Brentwood, CA  94513

Oak Tree Ministries is a 501(c)(3) ministry … all gifts to the ministry are tax-deductible.