Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

I watched something wonderful yesterday.

We’ve been in Redding for some ministry and family time. Rain poured as I drove to the HeartSync mentoring session yesterday. Just a block away, I watched a young dad and about a 2 year old little boy come off their front porch and down their walkway on the other side of the street, both all bundled up in heavy jackets and hoods.

At first I thought they were heading to a car … and when dad stepped into the street I slowed almost to a stop because I thought they were going to cross right in front of me and hadn’t seen me. And then …

… well, then the little boy jumped into the street.

Right into stream running in the gutter.

And dad?

Dad stood right there with his little boy, grabbed his hand and walked with him. The little guy jumped a few times, kicked water up into the air. Dad walked beside him, protecting against any cars that might come on their side. A little boy playing in the rain and water, enjoying himself and his dad … and dad enjoying his son.

Wonderful! Some wet clothes and shoes … and such joy … and such presence, just being together!

I saw God right there.

There have been so many good things to write about over this last month, but that summed them up … how much God delights to walk with us, present with us, protecting and loving us, enjoying us and letting us experience the joy He brings. Some wet clothes and shoes will clean right up.

Thank you for praying with us and for us this past month. We’ve felt it … and we’ve watched heaven be very present here on earth!

There are a few things to pray with us about this month.

… Beth, Jen and I are going with a few others from our church to Romania in July. Our team leaders, Halie and Erik

Wood, have spent years there, ministering and and building relationships … we’re going to lay groundwork for others from the church to go later. We will need to raise about $6,600 among the three of us. Please pray with us for all of this!!

… HeartSync Mentoring is in full swing. Brentwood (and a video link to Sacramento) are every other week; Redding is about once a month. Good stuff as we all grow!!! Please pray with us.

… Pray for Beth and Community Bible Study as they come into the last few months of this class year.

… I’ll be leading a leadership retreat for Edgewater Church on March 22-23. Please pray for God’s Kingdom purposes to be fully in play!

We appreciate and love you all. Praying you get to go play in God’s rain … your clothes and shoes will clean up just fine!!

Bill Irwin
Oak Tree Ministries
410 Beatrice Ct., Ste. A
Brentwood, CA 94513