Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries –

It started with a spoon.

She was just four years old, and wanted to play outside in the garden. She took a spoon out of the kitchen … perfect to dig with!! That’s what four-year olds do, right?

Mom was overwhelmed with several other children and just in her early twenties, and she lost it. She screamed, slapped, punched, cursed and kicked.

That four-year old cried while this happened, and mom just escalated things. And then that little heart just went and hid, curled up in a dark and lonely place … hurt, scared, angry.

Jesus went to find her as we did HeartSync. He didn’t make her come out, but went and sat with her. She saw the tears in His eyes … tears for her … and she began to sob. They came up strong and deep. And then they suddenly stopped …

… she remembered what had happened when she cried before. I just told her, “It’s safe here. You don’t need to hold onto any of this any more.”

She leaned into Jesus and the tears came even stronger and harder … and emptied out. She’d waited for over forty years for this. Jesus loved on her and and then invited her to come out with Him and come back to her whole heart. She did … and all the years of that weight of hurt and fear and anger left, gone into Jesus.

There have been so many stories like this over this past month! God is so, so good! Gentle. Kind. I loved that Jesus went to find her instead of demanding that she come forward.

We’ve seen things in The Delta Healing Rooms, too! Just this past Thursday, a woman came in to see us for the first time. A mass had developed in her abdomen, and doctors didn’t know what it was. She could feel it when she put her hands over the area. As the team ministered to her, it shrank … she felt it changing and kept probing with her fingers. After another few minutes it was gone … she couldn’t find any of it! We’re waiting for her report!

Another one … from one of our team members … he had a small mass behind one of his eyes. He’s gotten ministry here and from others who have prayed for him. At the last exam they couldn’t find anything … of course! Jesus!

Thank you for praying with is so constantly. It’s our joy to partner with you.

As you pray this month …

… Beth starts the class year for Community Bible Study this coming Weds., September 5. Preparations and training have gone well. Pray with us, with he, for a strong year!

… my load, counseling and HeartSync sessions, has ramped up a great deal. I’m having to schedule further out and refer out. Pray for God’s wisdom and direction for each one.

… we both are working with and ministering to other leaders in God’s Kingdom. Please keep praying for that … healthy leaders for the Church and Jesus’ Bride!

… remember our family: daughter Jen, son and daughter-in-love A.J. and Ashley and all the grandkids.

Finally, we want to invite you to share with our Freedom House church family on Saturday, September 8 as Che Ahn will be with us at 7:00 PM for a community-wide healing service, and again on Sunday, September 9 at 10:00 AM. Services will be at Campos Family Vineyards, 3501 Byer Road, Byron, CA.

Thank you, and God bless you! We’re praying that Jesus finds you where you are!!

Bill Irwin
Oak Tree Ministries
410 Beatrice Ct., Ste. A
Brentwood, CA 94513


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